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Housing for All
Bringing Affordable Housing to Eureka

We all know that Eureka, along with the rest of California, is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. We don't have enough housing available and prices are skyrocketing. Residents of all income levels are struggling to find a place to live.

The Eureka Housing for All and Downtown Vitality Initiative is a small but important step towards addressing the housing crisis in Eureka. It does this by updating the City's General Plan through rezoning a number of pieces of property throughout the city. This rezoning will lift restraints on these properties and enable the City to provide hundreds of units of badly needed, affordable housing in Eureka without impacting downtown vitality.


One of the key features of the initiative is the rezoning of 8.5 acres of the former Jacobs Middle School for single and multi-family housing. Located adjacent to bus lines and close to stores and services, this planned development would provide several hundred units of mixed-income housing, bring badly needed funds to the local schools, and fix the poorly planned efforts by the City to build on several downtown parking lots, which would eliminate 640 parking spaces. 

The initiative also ensures parking for businesses and potential residents downtown. It will require any housing built on downtown parking lots retain the existing parking spaces as well as provide an appropriate amount of parking to accommodate the needs of residents in new units. This will increase the desirability and viability of housing built downtown and protect the vital economic underpinnings that will maintain downtown Eureka as a tourist, recreation and entertainment destination.

You can read the full petition here.

Frank Jager
Mayor, City of Eureka

"The Initiative addresses two critical needs of our community  housing and parking. The City's plan to reduce parking will create a huge problem. Housing for All is about making a better plan for Eureka one where businesses can thrive, and housing can be built."

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Nancy Flemming
Former Mayor, City of Eureka

"As a former mayor of Eureka and downtown merchant, I am personally aware of the need for abundant parking for businesses to survive. The Housing for All Initiative provides housing and parking  a win-win for the City, its residents, and businesses."



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Signature Collection

At the beginning of August, we'll be going door to door to collect signatures for the initiative. We need at least 1,600 signatures of registered voters in Eureka to move forward.

Helping Hand

Education & Gain Support

Over the next several months, we'll be educating voters about our plan to enable Eureka to begin to deal with the affordable housing crisis. Contact us if you'd like to be involved.

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Once we gather sufficient signatures, the Eureka City Council can either choose to enact the initiative outright or put it to a public vote on the upcoming ballot.

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